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CLK architects is a studio with extensive international experience, devoted to architecture, urbanism, and design focused on creating spaces that connect with people.

Our projects have in common an intensive analysis of the context, the programme, and human behaviour. After this, we start designing, turning obstacles into opportunities.

We as a team design, convinced that the best architecture arises from dialogue, including all the parts involved in the process. We strongly believe that all of these inputs are an essential part of the design.

Newly built projects account for 40% of the world´s CO2 emissions and require a large sum of our planet’s resources. We as part of the building and construction sector have a big responsibility, for creating solutions that are made to last.

We promote a circular approach when choosing the different materials for our projects with the compromise of minimizing their carbon footprint.

The studio is based in Vaquero Turcios´ former paint and sculpture studio. Creating projects in such an artistic atmosphere has an major influence in CLK´s architectural approach.

Currently, CLK is developing projects in Russia, Spain, and the Middle East.

CLEVERTECK as a specific brand of CLK architects, offers industrialized modular building principles, so we can deliver the project demanded within a 50% less time period, from the start to finish with a controlled budget.


Joaquín Vaquero


Christian Álvarez


Project Leader

Marina Villalobos


Aleksey Burlakov

Architect, Russia office coordinator

Miguel Andrés Escrivá

Legal Department

Laura Vásquez

Architect, BIM Coordinator

Sergio González

Architect, Technical department

Juan Miret

Architect, Technical department

Jaime Castilla

Architect, Graphic Artist

Dana Barale


Isabel Corredor

BIM Architect

Emily Mejía

Office Administrator Manager

Elvira Fernández


Pablo Saiz

Industrialized Architect Consultant

Berra Bay



Currently, we have no open positions.

Unsolicited applications including a portfolio and a resume in .pdf format (no larger than 8Mb) can be submitted to: subject line: ‘Job Application’


We are always looking for talented students of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and constructing architects to join our team.

All applicants must have a good level of spoken and written English and be proficient in Adobe, Rhino, and AutoCAD.

Applications including a portfolio and a resume in .pdf format (no larger than 8Mb) can be submitted to: subject line: ‘Internship’.